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The Laureate Literary Society - Corona virus update
The Laureate Society is more than just LIBRARIES, more than just MEETINGS
Owing to the Coronavirus, it is not possible to hold Society Meetings until further notice. The Society has, however, much to offer in addition to Meetings:

  • A Public Library – in sections Art & Artists, Biographies, Drama, Museums & Galleries, Poetry, Short and Long Stories, Travel, as well as members' own work.
  • A Members' Library comprising sections: Theology, Shakespeare, The Ancient World, Poetry & Essays and Fiction.
  • A Film & Music Library, incorporated in the Members' Library, presenting Feature Films and Documentaries in sections: Art & Artists, Religious Films, Historical Films, Period Fiction.
  • Publishing Help for Members.
  • In addition, members may enjoy four Forums – the Students' Forum, Literary Forum, Arts Forum, and the Theological Forum
For further information please contact our Editor using the Contact Us page on this site.

The Laureate Literary Society
As in the best of societies, the Laureate Society for Arts, Theology and Literature makes meetings (academic and social), the stimulating society of friends, its number one priority.
Members may enjoy functions with a buffet reception held in the grand yet friendly Whitelands College, originally the country retreat of the Duke of Westmorland, built circa 1765.
All our Members may also enjoy an extensive Members' Library with five sections, a Film Library, Concerts and Art Exhibitions.

"Man is not an island" - John Donne
Unless members meet each other and take part in events, a society is not a society and has no value. Meetings are therefore the most important facet of this Society.
Meetings held at: Whitelands College, University of Roehampton, Holybourne Avenue, Roehampton, London SW15 4JD
Poetry & Essay Evenings
These are principally intended as a testing-ground for members’ own work: from reading their creations to fellow members they may receive constructive criticism which may assist their creative process.
On Theology, Classical Civilization or English Literature, these are delivered at least once per quarter by Academics, Writers, Theologians, Actors/Directors and fellow Members of the Society.
The opinions of listeners and critics are of paramount importance and therefore they are especially welcome.
From time to time, guest speakers - writers, critics, journalists, politicians . . . - will debate motions suggested by the membership whose views will be sought.
Society Convivia
These soirées provide a relaxed, civilized atmosphere in which like minds may meet each other, converse and make friends. These are very important, as they bring people together and foster the feeling of belonging to a real society, rather than some virtual entity in a computer.
Wine and a buffet, are served at all meetings and it is necessary to book at least two weeks in advance

The Members' Library

The Public Library
Members may access both our libraries.
The Public Library comprises the sections: Art & Artists, Biographies, Drama, Museums & Galleries, Poetry, Short and Long Stories, and Travel, as well as being a showcase for members' writings to the General Public, Publishers and Literary Agents; all may download the contents of the library at no charge.
Here may also be found essays from London's most prestigious museums and galleries concerning past and future exhibitions, together with programmes from the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet.
Members may submit fiction [novels, plays and short stories], non-fiction, poetry and essays, all acceptable, for the consideration of our editor.


Society Noticeboard
Only for the use of Members.
Coming Soon...
Use our notice board to advertise anything or to send messages or invitations to other members. These messages should be emailed to our librarian and will be put, if appropriate, on the noticeboard page, if possible by the end of the day in which they are received.

Society Magazine
Coming Soon...
A monthly magazine printed in full colour, free to members, full of arts features and Society News, will be published as soon as society membership reaches a sufficient level. This is not an e-magazine.