- Sponsorship of young people in the Arts, especially in Painting and Music
- Essay Prizes
- Translations of Holy Writ and related literature
- Retreats for the contemplation of Christian Theology

It is possibly a truism that the future is in the hands of the young. Notwithstanding, it is both wise and noteworthy, to invest in their education: education in Theology, the Arts and Literature, the pinacles of civilization's temple that help Mankind to understand Mankind and thus make a better world.

Sponsorship of young people in the Arts, especially in Painting and Music
At the very basic level, this includes supplying paints and canvases to art students, manuscript paper and other equipment and the loan of instruments to music students, and at the higher level, a tuition fee supplement. Young musicians will be invited to give recitals, supply the musical accompaniment to Society Convivia and take part in a summer concert. Young artists may take part in our summer exhibition, organized in collaboration with our friends at the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Library, alongside established artists.

Essay Prizes
It is intended to offer three Essay Prizes, one in each discipline, to help writers and scholars of promise to get a start in their writing careers.

Translations of Holy Writ and Related Literature
The first major translation will be that of the New Testament from the earliest Greek texts, pre Saint Jerome, ommitting additions made by the early Church and ignoring previous editions, headed by Rev. Dr. John Moxon of Roehampton, Birmingham and Cambridge Universities. When finished, after an estimated time of two years, a copy will be placed in our public library for all the world to download free of charge and its presence there publicized using, principally, Radio Advertising.

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