Essays & Poetry

Essays & Poetry
Essays & Poetry
Students take note: "Read essays and poetry, for the pure delight of the learning they impart: thus learning the skill to impart that pure delight."

  • ESSAYS – led by Alexander Pope's Essay on Man and Dr. Johnson's Essay on Shakespeare, the two greatest essays of the eighteenth century.
  • POETRY – Complete works [Milton, Dryden, Rossetti, . . .] and individual poems augment the work of arguably the greatest poet of all – Dante.
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William Hazlitt:
Essays on the English Poets
On Coffee-house Politicians
On Criticism
On Genius and Common Sense
On Milton's Sonnets
On The Fear of Death

Dr. Samuel Johnson:
Lives of the Poets VOL I
Lives of the Poets VOL II
Lives of the Poets VOL III
Lives of the Poets VOL IV

Lord Macaulay:
Selected Lives

People and Places - Selected Essays
Ages of English Portraiture by Sandra Pepys-Heidekkar
Salvador Dali, greatest of eccentrics by Nina Davies
Swinburne by Bryan van der Linde
The Golden Thread – Rodin by Nicola Ransom
The Life of John Dryden
Dante and Music by Andrew Potts


Dante Alighieri:
The Divine Comedy Volume I
The Divine Comedy Volume II
The Divine Comedy Volume III

John Dryden:
Complete Works
Palamon and Arcite

John Milton:
Complete Works
Paradise Lost
Paradise Regained

Alexander Pope:
Essay On Man

Michael R. Shute:
The Creation
Boudica, the Great
Complete Poetical Works

Ballads of England
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Middle English Text