Terms and Conditions – Constitution

Constitution of The Laureate Literary Society

- Terms and Conditions
1. The Society functions under the day to day direction of its President, who is answerable to members at the Annual General Meeting, to provide an opportunity for members to meet, learn and contribute to the literary and theological worlds, to obtain and share information, to enable members’ develop literary skills and to offer a forum for members’ opinion and comment.

2. Internet facilities are available: notice board, libraries, messaging . . .

3. A members' Library, available to members only, is divided into five, and later more sections, in addition to a public library with free access.

4. All members, Honorary, Full and Student, may enjoy complete unrestricted access to the Society Web-site whilst members of the general public will have but limited access.

5. When the number of members reaches a sufficient level, a Society Magazine will be sent free of charge to all those who opt to receive it, every month which will include feature articles on Literature and the Arts, Society news, views and critiques, contributions from members and letters, programmes of events . . .

6. Writings by members will be published free of charge in the Public Library and advertised to Publishers and Literary Agents.

7. The Society will organise readings of poetry, essays, letters &c., lectures on theological, literary and arts subjects, convivia, debates, visits, wine and cheese parties and other social events.

8. The Society will endeavour to obtain publication of members’ works at book publishers in the UK and elsewhere.

9. Selected works from Friends of the Society will be published free of charge in the Public Library.

10. All members have the right to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and all extraordinary meetings on a ‘one-member-one-vote basis’.

11. Invitations to the Annual General Meeting will be published on the Society's web-site with one month’s notice of the prescribed date, location and time of that meeting.

12. Membership is for one year, commencing the date of payment of the subscription, and will automatically expire on that date unless renewed or by explicit order of the President of the Society.

13. Membership subscriptions and all fees are non-refundable.

14. Complaints and suggestions should be addressed to the President of the Society whose word is final with no appeal in all matters.

15. The Society reserves the right to exclude persons of dubious reputation and those who in the opinion of the President of the Society break this constitution or act in a manner that he considers unbecoming to a member of the Society.

16. No liabilities may be assigned to members of the Society.

17. The President of the Society may call extraordinary meetings when he deems necessary at a week's notice.

18. The Society is empowered to collect subscriptions, donations, royalties, payments for rights, commissions, fees and any other payments that are permissible under the laws of England.

19. The Society is empowered to apply for, register, purchase or by any other means acquire and protect, prolong and renew any patents, trade marks, designs, protections and concessions and to disclaim, alter, modify, use and turn to account and to grant licenses or privileges in respect of the same without recourse to its members.

20. The Society [acting under the laws of England] may undertake any legal business or operations which may appear likely to assist, benefit, or increase the value of the Society or to enhance the value of any property owned by the Society.

21. The Society recognizes no other legal jurisdiction than that of English Common and Judicial law and the Canon law of the Church of England.